2018 - 2019 Women of the Moose  #1619 Officers
L: Recorder Laurie Nelson
M: Senior Regent Linda Catauro
R: Jr Regent: Joyce Walukiewicz
Chapter 1619 officers
Officers-Women of the Moose #1619, 2018 -2019
Sr Regent Linda Catauro
Junior Regent Joyce Walukiewicz
Secretary Sharen Reardon
Recorder Laurie Nelson
The Women of the Moose meet on the first and third Wednesday at 7 PM. All WOTM Chapter #1619 members are welcome. At 6:15 PM on the first Wednesday, we conduct an orientation session for newly enrolled members.
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Port Charlotte Women of the Moose Chapter #1619 has a membership exceeding 1,600 women. In addition to our ongoing Community Service efforts, the Chapter sponsors a child at Mooseheart and an adult at Moosehaven.

Some examples of recent Community Service activities are: funding a nursing scholarship at Charlotte Technical Center, donations to the Salvation Army enabling 2 children to attend summer camp as well as providing dressed teddy bears to the Salvation Army for children and seniors, and purchasing shoes for local underprivileged children. Additionally, each month the Chapter conducts a specific fund raiser (bake sales, etc.) to address member-identified community needs.

The women of the Chapter are active in other aspects of our community, volunteering at the Cultural Center, local hospitals and nursing homes. Being a member of the Women of the Moose is a great way to help mankind and have a lot of fun at the same time.
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Ask any woman of the Moose or Chapter officer for more information.
Moose membership is open to men and women aged 21 and older; the applicant cannot: Be a member of a terrorist group or recognized subversive organization; Be a
registered sex offender or convicted felon.

READ THIS, as it is often forgotten and delays the new member from getting his/her Moose card: the applicant and his/her sponsor must properly complete and sign the official membership application.

Download from this page or pick up an application at the bar. Once completed give it,and the annual dues (cash or check), to the Lodge Administrator or WOTM Recorder.
Who are the Women of the Moose?

The Women of the Moose, established in I9I3, is a unit of Moose International, Inc. We have over 1400 Chapters throughout the United States and Canada with a membership exceeding 400,000 women.

The Women of the Moose provides social, sports, family and community service opportunities in a fraternal setting. Members of the Women of the Moose dedicate many volunteer hours to those in need, not only in their own Chapters but, more importantly, to those in their communities.

The main objectives of the Women of the Moose
are to:
• assist in the support and maintenance of a I ,000-acre community and school in Illinois
called "Mooseheart," for babies, children and teens from throughout North America who, for whatever reason, lack a stable horne.

• assist in the support and maintenance of a 65-acre retirement community near Jacksonville, Florida called "Moosehaven," where dependent senior members and their spouses may enjoy their golden years together in dignity, comfort and fun .

• conduct a myriad of Community Service projects that have resulted in a total value of more than $40 million annually.

• work together to give a helping hand to members and their families in time of need..