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Moose membership is open to men and women aged 21 and older; the applicant cannot: Be a member of a terrorist group or recognized subversive organization; Be a registered sex offender or convicted felon.

A paper application is no longer required to apply for membership in the Loyal Order of Moose. Click or tap here for an online app and follow the instructions. You'll be glad you did. If you prefer a paper application, stop in the Lodge and get one.
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Loyal Order of Moose &
Women of the Moose
The elected officers of Lodge 2121 meet on the second and forth Thursday at 6:00 PM.
All members in good standing are invited and encouraged to attend the monthly Lodge meeting on either the 2nd or 4th Thursday of every
month at 7:00 PM in order to learn about Lodge business as well as to bring any Lodge business affecting the member to Board of Officers attention.
We conduct two meeting so a member has a chance to attend at least one a month
Feel free to discuss any concerns you have with any of the officers, but remember - you must attend the Lodge meeting on the second or fourth Thursday of any month to ensure that your concern(s) is heard by the Board of Officers.
  Board of Officers, 2019 - 2020
Governor: Steve Snedeker
Jr. Governor: Ron Anderson
Prelate: Joe Lanigan
Treasurer: Kevin Woods
1-Year Trustee: Tom Hasse
2-Year Trustee: Paul Jackomin, Sr
3-Year Trustee: David Jones, Jr
Jr Past Governor: Pat Russell
Administrator: Bill Birk
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