Moose Legion Lodge Pilgrims & Fellows have a joint meeting at 6 PM every 1st Thursday.

Throughout its history, the Moose Legion has been variously known as: Mooseheart Legions of the World, Legion of the Moose and currently Moose Legion. In June of 1913 the Moose Legion was newly created during the Moose Convention held in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Supreme Council, at their November 1913 meeting, passed the final approval.

The Women of the Moose, originally termed the Women of Mooseheart Legion, received formal recognition as a Moose auxiliary in 1913. From 1913 until 1931, members of the women's organization were part of the Moose Legion. Titles associated with the Director of the Moose Legion have been: Grand Regent, Grand Recorder, Grand Herder and Director. Titles associated with the highest office in the Moose Legion have been: Grand Commander, Grand Governor, Grand North Moose and International President. The highest office within a Moose Legion has been known as: Great North Moose, North Moose and President.

In the past, both the Moose Legion and Women of the Moose have used the words 'Faith', 'Hope' and 'Charity' in their Rituals. The official emblems were almost identical, utilizing the red heart and pyramid into the early 1990’s. The first regalia of the Moose Legion were the Fez and were later changed to the Tah*, which was discontinued in the early 1990’s.

The initial purpose of the Moose Legion was to raise a one million dollar Endowment Fund. Since that success they have successfully taken on major repair and renovation projects at Mooseheart and Moosehaven. The Moose Legion financed the initial dairy herd at Mooseheart, the construction of and addition to the Museum of Moose History on the Mooseheart campus, the construction of the track at the Mooseheart Stadium and Moose Legionnaires annually, finance the cost of operations for Mooseheart's Camp Ross.                                                         
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