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Officers-Women of the Moose #1619
2019 -2020
Sr Regent: Joyce Walukiewicz
Junior Grad Regent: Linda Caturo
Junior Regent: Rose Herman
Secretary: Sharen Reardon
Recorder: Laurie Nelson
Chapter 1619 Officers 2019-2020
Committee Chairs
Higher Degree: Elaine Dougan
Mooseheart/Moosehaven: Denise Ernest
Community Service:  Barb Mueller
Membership Retention:  Elaine Dougan
Sports & Activities:   Deborah Luce
Guides Claire & Debbie Achey
Committee Chairs 2019-2020
The Women of the Moose meet on the first and third Wednesday at 7 PM. All WOTM Chapter #1619 members are welcome. At 6:00 PM on the first Wednesday, we conduct an orientation session for newly enrolled members and veteran Moose members who want a refresher on what the Moose Fraternity is all about.