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2021 Association Videos 2/18/2021

Click here for MooseIntl's YouTube channel with videos of the 2021 Association Mid-Year remarks by the General Governor; Grand Chancellor; Director General, Membership; Moose Charities. There are six separate videos to select from and watch.

Confused about WOTM Dues?

So much confusion about One Moose dues Here's a basic explanation for WOTM:
A current chapter member with an expiration date Jan. - April 30, 20XX will need to pay her One Moose Lodge dues in the same MONTH of her expiration date in 2022. If her expiration date is May - Dec. 31, 20XX her One Moose Lodge dues will be payable in the same MONTH of her expiration date in 2021.

With her paid lodge dues, her chapter dues will be extended for 1 year, for a maximum of 3 years. If she is paid ahead in the chapter, she will not lose those years - the free dues will be tacked on to her current expiration date. (Note: There is no advantage to paying chapter dues ahead for a significant period of time; dues will be reduced to $15 on May 1, 2021. But also remember, chapter dues must be current on or before April 30, 2021 to transition smoothly to One Moose and to qualify for the free years chapter dues.)

If she is a life member on or before April 30, 2021 she won't pay dues to the chapter or the lodge; she will be a life member of both units.

All members (male and female) will need to have a current lodge membership post May 1, 2021 to enter the Moose home, frequent the social quarters, attend events, etc. Women will have the option of remaining/becoming members of the chapter just as men have the option of belonging to the Moose Legion.

Women who have higher degrees or desire to earn higher degrees will need to be current members of the chapter for their honors to be recognized. The same holds true in the Moose Legion. Members who desire to be a One Moose Lodge officer must belong to the chapter (female) or Moose Legion (male) or join within 60 days of taking office.

WOTM Official Communication 2/9

The Midyear Conference materials will include additional explanations and resources regarding the One Moose transition.  Please plan to attend virtually or in-person as scheduled by your Association to learn more. 

Q:  When do I pay my dues?
A: Members will receive a dues renewal notice by mail just as they normally do. A current chapter member with an expiration date January through April 30, 20XX will need to pay her One Moose Lodge dues in the same MONTH of her expiration date in 2022.  If her expiration date is May through  Dec. 31, 20XX her One Moose Lodge dues will be payable in the same MONTH of her expiration date in 2021.

With on-time payment of One Moose Lodge dues, her chapter dues will be extended for 1 year, for a maximum of 3 years. If she is paid ahead in the chapter, she will not lose those years; the free year of Chapter dues will be tacked on to her current Chapter expiration date.  Note:  paying multiple years ahead is not recommended as chapter dues will be reduced to $15 on May 1, 2021. 

Also remember, chapter dues must be current (active status) beyond April 30, 2021 to transition smoothly to One Moose and to qualify for the free years chapter dues.

Q: What if I am a life member of the chapter?
A:  You will also become a life member of the affiliated Lodge on May 1, 2021.  You don’t need to worry about paying dues to either the Chapter or the Lodge in the future. 

Q:  Can I be a member of the Chapter but not the Lodge?
A:  No.  All members must belong to a Lodge.  The One Moose concept encompasses all members of The Moose.  We are coming together in a stronger, unified unit with equal rights and privileges of membership.  

Q: Can I bring my spouse to the Moose if he/she is not a member of One Moose?   
A: The Private Policy will remain in effect.  The Private Policy can be found in the LOOM General Laws and at the rear of the WOTM Officers' Handbook. 

Q: When will the new General Laws be available?
A: Revised Women of the Moose General Laws will be posted online on or before March 15, 2021.  All chapters will receive printed copies with the Annual Handbook Mailing in May.  The Moose General Laws will be available online on February 15, 2021. Copies will be available for purchase through Catalog Sales beginning in May, as well as at the International Convention in Cincinnati. 

Q:  I have specific questions about the One Moose concept.  Who do I contact?
A: Please email onemoose@mooseintl.org. A member of the One Moose Implementation Committee will respond.

NOMINATING COMMITTEE MEETINGS may be conducted virtually or in a hybrid setting.  An interested co-worker may submit her name via email to the chapter email address if she is unable to submit in person.  Please refer to the Election Handbook for a sample nomination statement. As we get closer to the time of elections we will re-visit the current conditions and advise the chapters accordingly.

Chapter Analyst Coordinators (CAC) will now be known as CHAPTER ADVOCATES.  These dedicated volunteers have been instrumental in assisting our chapters with all aspects of the Women of the Moose program.  They will continue to provide valuable services to our chapters post the One Moose transition.  They will advocate for, support, promote, instruct, uplift and assist our chapters just as they have done in the past.  Please join us in thanking them for their service and dedication. 

Academy of Friendship Conferral Session WILL NOT take place in Cincinnati, OH during the 2021 International Conference.  Matriculants must plan to receive the degree during the Midyear Conferences. Co-workers who are eligible for either the College of Regents degree or Star Recorder degree, who have not yet been conferred with their Academy of Friendship degree must be invested prior to traveling to Cincinnati. 

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Regarding the Chapter's Future 2/11

It is not the intention of the One Moose Committee or the leadership at Moose International for chapters to fade away.  Our chapters are vital to our program and provide added resources for our fraternity and our members. The chapters themselves may determine their future; are they offering enjoyable activities, running informative, organized meetings, recognizing accomplishments and service, maintaining a welcoming and comforting atmosphere, having fun? 

Unfortunately we lose chapters each year across the fraternity.  Some merge with another chapter close-by.  Others forfeit their charter due to declining membership, lack of leadership, Moose home closing, or lack of interest.  Could chapters merge/morph into some type of jurisdictional unit (like the Moose Legion) in the future?  Maybe.  Could the Moose Legion and Women of the Moose morph into some type of higher degree unit years down the road?  Maybe.  The future will be determined by the needs and desires of the membership as a whole. 

None of us know  our future for certain, but we must strive to ensure the infinite future of the children and seniors we support.    As for life memberships, they are intended for life.  Life of the member, life of The Moose.

Lets hope we don't have to cross that bridge but if we have to, I am sure a group of knowledgeable, experienced, dedicated members would be assigned to tackle that issue and determine a solution (like the One Moose Committee did the last several years).  On a lighter note, Long Live Our Chapters!

Changes affecting everyone, May 1, 2021

For the Lodge:
   • Women will become members of the Lodge automatically on May 1, 2021.  Women may become elected to the Board of Officers beginning May 1, 2022; however, qualified women may be eligible or appointed to open positions on the Board or to committees beginning May 1, 2021.
    •Individual title changes will occur for the lodge officers, including “President” for Governor; “Vice President” for Junior Governor; “Chaplain” for Prelate and “Past Lodge President” for Past Lodge Governor.  Any member, man or woman, may serve in the new positions as long as they are a member of either the Moose Legion or the newly structured Women of the Moose, or join within 60 days,
   • All previous honors will transition seamlessly to the new integrated Moose. i.e. Any member receiving the honor of Past Lodge Governor shall enjoy all the rights and privileges of any Past Lodge President of The Moose.
    •The revised Laws for Moose Social Quarters and Homes (Section IV) eliminates the House Committee; those duties will now be performed by the Lodge’s Board of Officers.
    •An Executive Session has been added to every Board of Officer’s meeting, if necessary, to discuss confidential topics (i.e. personnel matters, legal matters, etc.), including issues previously handled by the House Committee.
    The minimum proposed dues amount for the Lodge will be $38, although Lodges have the option to set higher dues amounts.

For the Chapter:
    •The Women of the Moose will be structured similarly as the Moose Legion; as an affiliated unit of the new Moose lodge.
    •The WOTM will maintain all honors, charitable focus, lower dues and influence.
    •Chapters will retain their current assets, without turning monies over to the Lodge.
    •The minimum proposed dues amount for the chapter is $15, although Chapter dues are waived for the first three years of the transition to the One Moose lodge structure.
    •Stand Alone Chapters will need to be chartered as a new Moose Lodge although the current WOTM Chapter will still exist.
    •Similar to the Moose Legion, women have the option of joining the Lodge without having to join the Chapter.
This page will be updated as information becomes available. Links below may have more current information.

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