Contact Information

3462 Loveland Blvd
Port Charlotte, FL  33952
Sunday, March 29 @ 3 PM
Food Takeout  & Delivery begins Monday, March 30.
All other activities are suspended.
Port Charlotte Moose Lodge Take Out Menu
Call for Take-Out or Delivery
941-629-1140 Ext.3

Served from 11:00 — 2:00 & 4:00 — 6:00

Special — Pot Roast served with mashed
potatoes & gravy, green beans & roll $7.00

8 oz Hamburger — served w/chips & pickle $7.00
Add cheese $7.75
4 oz Hamburger — served w/chips & pickle $5.00
Add cheese $5.75
Meatball Sub — served w/chips & pickle $7.50
Chicken Tenders served w/French Fries $6.75
Sandwiches (Ham, Turkey, Roast Beef) $6.75
Your choice of bread & cheese — served w/chips & pickle

Beer & Wine to-go, be sure and ask
TakeOut, Part 2
We tried this last week and had some problems. The menu was too big and members took their food to the closed Tiki area to socialize. The Charlotte County Sheriff's Office has told us in no uncertain terms that this type of socializing - congregating is not allowed. To be clear: no area of the Port Charlotte Moose Lodge is open to the membership right now

So we have put together a menu that should satisfy most appetites for any meal -- ok, maybe not breakfast, but we're trying. We really need members to support us right now; so since you gotta eat, get some of your meals from us.

Now this last part is important. Come here to pick up your meal or let us deliver it (see here for 5-mile range). But if you come here to get your food, once you get it LEAVE the property! The governor has ordered restaurant and bars closed and members congregating outside puts our occupancy, business and liquor licenses at risk. Don't be the one who gets the lodge closed permanently.
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